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BOHO Sandy Dune Love; Styled Shoot

One of my favorite styled shoots from 2019 was this gorgeous, inspired, sandy dunes styled shoot. All vendors involved with this shoot had the same vision, and that can be hard to find sometimes. We all wanted to test our skills as well as create something that we could get published.

All of us BOHO obsessed ladies came together to create something Bohemian wedding inspired. We wanted to push the boundaries of our imagination with a fun venue- which ended up being this dreamy, magical, Silver Lake Sand Dune in Hart, Michigan.

First off, I want everyone here to know how much us ladies kicked A** on this shoot. It was a chilly spring day, weather was warm but VERY windy on top of the dunes. We had tons of props for this styled shoot (pictured below) including a table, two heavy velvet chairs, bar carts and more. (not to mention the five GIANT lanterns and elephant table.)

When we all pictured this sand dune climb, I think we totally forgot to imagine what climbing up a sand dune would be like with LOTS of props. Let me paint the picture for you.... have you ever climbed up a sandy hill? We had NO steps, it basically was a straight uphill incline (think orange theory mount Everest day with 12% incline the whole time...) I kicked off my shoes, ran at full speed and still STRUGGLED up this hill at least 8 times.... it must have been so laughable watching us all struggle up this hill- thankfully our amazing men helped us out too and made our trips a little shorter.

Once we finally got everything uphill, we totally ROCKED this dreamy shoot. Not to mention how our models were so glam and gorgeous throughout all of that wind. THANKS AGAIN GUYS. I was in awe of the wondrous dunes, how quiet yet loud the vast dunes could be, which made this shoot even more magical.

When I got approached by Bailey for this styled shoot idea, I was so excited to work together and create something BOHO inspired and different. When it came to the invite inspo I was thinking 70s vibes mixed with BOHO macrame feels. I especially wanted to test out my transparent envelopes and LOVED how these turned out. The fonts, colors, and fun handmade twine elements made this suite extra special to me (pictured below). Not to mention how genius we were to style it with the glimmer of our disco ball- OBSESSED.

So many fun details went into this shoot. All BOHO glam inspired. from the disco balls, fun barcart cocktails, to smoke bombs and gorgeous floral work...We loved every detail of this shoot! Including the effortless feel of the Boho wedding attire complete with a hand painted custom made jean jacket (painted by Renee Monaco or @peachmangojuice) and all of the fun chic accessories.

This was our first time exploring with smoke bombs, and let me tell you.. it was SCARY. But so worth the fun photos we got lol, don't try this alone at home kids.. smoke bombs are so aesthetically pleasing, especially in the middle of a sandy dune wonderland.

Bailey Toot from Wednesday Photography is fantastic at what she does, you might remember her work from my Halloween shoot blog (blog post here) This styled shoot was our first time working together and I was so excited to see her in action. Bailey was the best at communicating and getting in touch with all vendors we needed for this shoot! Not only did she show up with a photography plan, but she allowed us professionals to throw our ideas in

for shots of our own work. She did this to ensure she was capturing our vision of the shoot too- which is always a bonus when working with a photographer!

Once this photo shoot got dropped into my inbox, I KNEW we would get published.

AND... it did! TWICE. We also got some amazing drone footage from the very talented and lovely, Tori from Videography By Tori Meece . She is fantastic at capturing the aesthetic of the day and such a pleasure to work with, these two girls work so hard- and I love watching them succeed at every wedding or event they do!

One of my favorite shots of the day was with my fav boss babe and best friend Erica Simmons from Elite Events. Erica is truly inspired, she is so creative and has the most humble, beautiful energy to her. We were ecstatic to see our hard work in action! Together we designed the tablescape and decor elements for the shoot as far as linens, chair, and arch inspo went. Seeing it all come together is truly the best part of a styled shoot- and this one did not disappoint.

I will forever hold this shoot in my heart and giggle at how non-glamorous our life can be, From setting up events start to finish or styling styled shoots in a sandy sand dune- our work is never boring and always- always- inspired.

Photography: @wednesdayphotography_

Videography: @videographybytorimeece

Models: @aaronjenkins @skyllarboos

Florals: @casually_vintage

Stationery: @shaytionerydesigns

Design: @eliteeventsdesign

Decor: @modernly_events @linenhero

Jewelry: @coyote_beads

Shoes: @edenfashionboutique

Hat: @shopmodeelle

Jacket: @peachmangojuice

HMUA: @zobot176

Special shout out to all the other vendors involved in this shoot and as always thanks to all of those who made 2019 a special year for us vendors- we love and appreciate each and every one of our clients- cheers to many more inspired shoots, new friends, and growth in 2020!


Shay (Shaytionery)

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