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Why Wedding Flatlays are Important

Let's talk, invitation Flatlays & why you should invest in this for your wedding day.

Flat-lay design is the intentional layout design of your stationery on your wedding day. This helps create a personalized moment featuring your invites in a way that photographers can capture for you to keep as a memory for life! If you’re investing in good quality wedding stationery, we believe this is the next step in the stationery process to round out your custom design.

Flatlays often include custom backdrop (styling boards), ribbon, ring boxes, wax seals, flowers & small personalized items to help curate your design. Most couples get access to this curated design through booking their photographer, as photographers often do the flatlay during detail shots of your wedding day.

However, here at Shaytionery, we provide all of the extras and show up on your wedding day to relieve the flat lay design stress off of your photographer (who is busy capturing your amazing day!) Thus, providing a curated flatlay design which usually takes us about 1-2 hours to assemble, leaving you with photos you can cherish for life. Capturing the timeless elements of your gorgeous wedding day details, forever.

As a stationer, I know my clients truly prioritize their invites, as it sets the whole tone of their wedding day event. Couples worldwide are beginning to catch on to the custom design trend- spending a good amount of their budget on custom stationery that WOWS their guests. Why not capture this forever through amazing photos that truly inspire the way you love?

If you're spending quite a lot of your budget on custom wedding invitation design, I feel that you should also go the extra mile to ensure they are captured during your wedding day details. I adore & appreciate all photographers and their work, even their flat lay designs.. however they are so busy on your wedding day capturing all of the details, I've noticed that often times, they only get about 5-10 minutes (if that) to design & capture your wedding invitations, leaving you with a simple shot- not something that could have been made to feel personalized. Not to worry though, Shaytionery can help with that!

When booking with me for your wedding day flat lay design, you will gain access to me as a professional who is truly passionate about each flat lay element, styling & love story- making this detail effortless for you. Together we would talk over what types of flat lay designs you've seen in the past, and what items you would love to bring to our interpretation of your flat lay. This could be anything from simplicity, stationery focused, detail focused or just simply just allowing me to make my own creative take on your design.

Whether we designed your custom stationery together, or if you printed/ designed elsewhere I style for any couple in need. After booking with me, we would talk over your color palette, textural background inspo, and pull from my curated collection of ribbon, stamps, ring dishes, wax seals & more. Carefully selecting each and every detail & making sure to notify your photographer & florist that I will be there helping during the flat lay process too, keeping all vendors connected and on the same page. I have yet to design a flat lay that does not leave your photographer feeling inspired, thankful & excited to shoot for you.

Finally, whether you decide to work with me on this, or simply use your photographer, don't forget to include photos of your wedding invites in your wedding day timeline. They play a roll in all of the details of your day & truly I can't tell you how many times I've had couple save their invites and tell me how much they love to come across them to this day. It's something special for you to hold onto that's tangible from your wedding day- which truly means everything after your special celebration.

I hope this helps educate you as to why flat lay design can be important to your wedding day, and should be included in your overall planning process. If my styling eye is something you're interested in hiring for your wedding day flat lay design- let's chat!

Until Next time,


Shay (Shaytionery)

(examples of some fav flat lay designs by me)

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