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What's going on in the Stationery World?

Omg! How fun, I get to talk about everything I LOVE trend wise in this blog post..

So where do I start? The Stationery World has been growing and growing, it's quickly becoming a traditional need in the Event Industry, WE MUST HAVE CUTE SIGNAGE.

That's a great thing for me, I get to push the envelope (stationery pun intended) on all of my designs AND help clients create new inspired stationery elements to really enhance their design.

So let's talk about my top 10 favorite Stationery Trends RIGHT NOW! and if you would LOVE to add any of these fun ideas to your next event, please reach out, because I am so eager to try my hand at something fun like any of these amazing trends!


1. Acrylic or Transparent Invitations!

How fun are these babies?

From Right to Left: Transparent Invitation, that I did not design, just for INSPO!

Middle I designed for a fun baby shower! The transparent star sheet sat a-top of a moon themed invitation. The far right invite is acrylic based and completely see through! How fun and different to allow your guests to keep forever!

2. Bold and Unique Modern Colors

Okay, but how funny is non-traditional wording on your special day? I just laugh a little and think they would be perfect for a couple that love sarcasm or just want their guests to feel like a part of the fun!

3. Installment Pieces

So Imagine you're a guest to your own wedding... and you walk into the reception and see one of these?! Um... YES PLEASE! This would totally be a show stopper and really allow your guests to feel so special on your perfect day!... cue custom cake wall display we did for an Elite Events wedding (coming to my gallery soon!)

4. Flower Pressed... ANYTHING

It's no secret that I ADORE nature and natural things. But come on! How gorgeous are these flower pressed wedding elements? Table numbers with pressed florals? Or what about receiving that wedding invitation suite in the mail? OBSESSED!

5. WAX Sealed on day- of elements

So wax seals are amazing and so unique on envelopes... by why stop there? Custom seating charts with wax seals are AMAZING! The one below I created. Then of course the wax seals on menus.... I did that too! But next, I would love to work on wax sealed escort cards because omg.. SO PRETTY!

6. Geometric Shapes

Traditional invitation sizes are so easy, and perfect. But you can also get fun with your suite and add a shape into the mix! Like this hexagon invite. Or maybe you love a new fresh idea for your menu INSPO... okay circular menus on top of GORG dishware or chargers? YES. Also we are loving circular seating charts like the one below!

7. Foiling... ANYTHING

Foiling has been around awhile, but it's honestly starting to get more affordable in the wedding industry and that couldn't make me or my clients any happier ( the one I made is below)! Not only is foiling amaze for invites but menus, favors you name it!


Hear me out! Before you say no. Matte black is so trendy and so modern I'm just loving it so much. Such a unique way to incorporate a basic color and allow all of your other elements to POP.

9. Decals

We all love calligraphy ANYTHING. Especially me, but now and days decals make it easy to add that gorgeous writing and typography to just about anything! My Favorite ATM(at the moment) is the amazing glass case!

10. Deckled Edge & Natural Raw Paper

The natural beautiful raw edge on homemade paper just makes me swoon. It provides that homemade feel to any suite and for sure makes your wedding elements stick out! This is currently such a growing trend that I am 100% behind! Featuring my woodsy suite and whimsical suite



And there you have it! My favorite trends are so diverse and really help develop a fresh look to your wedding or event day! I hope this helped you find new inspiration, and as always please reach out if you want to add something like this to your special day!


Shay (Shaytionery)

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