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Vendor Relationships. Why to turn Vendors into "FRENDORS"

Who do you call when you've had something amazing happen?

Is it your best friend? boss- babe friend? Friends rule the world right- so why not turn people in your industry in to your Friend that you can rely and trust to help you when you need it! We call our friend vendors FRENDORS!

We all have someone we like to share our successes with, and even those crazy business stories too. For me, that's my bestie in the industry, Erica! Even before we worked at Elite together we were best friends, and when working at different companies in the industry we would always call each other on our wins and defeats, because well.. she just GETS IT.

When you have a friend who does the same thing as you for a living, it's easy to call them to dish all the ins and outs of your day. Good or bad, they just really truly know where you're coming from. This is true when you work with vendors you trust too, we just get it. We get the hard parts of your day, and your successes, we understand when things don't go the right way, and we totally LOVE when you save the day with something new up your sleeve.

One of the most beautiful things about working with vendors you trust and love is that together you can truly make someone's wedding day or event day the best day possible. There have been multiple times when a day was headed South and a FRENDOR would help me out in ways that totally were life saving. This creates such a relief to know when a vendor has your back.

The best part of meeting other like-minded people in the industry is building friendships that you can truly rely on. Working with so many different professionals in the field you start to build a connection unlike any other, and this is so important when you hire vendors for your special day.

When couples book with Elite Events or Shaytionery Designs we love to recommend vendors we know and trust to get the job done. The most relieving part in this, is that- when it comes to your special day, we already know that the other vendors have it covered. We won't have to worry about working with new vendors that we are unsure of or have to put out fires in areas we don't belong.

When we get to work with other like-minded vendors, your wedding day becomes something we all truly cherish, nothing beats another professional in the industry gushing over your client with you... we just love you guys! Working with new people sometimes can have this effect too, we learn who we can rely and recommend to your future clients as well as sometimes build relationships that end with lunches, coffee, dinner, and more!

Some of my favorite moments during a FRENDOR relationship is day of- when the FRENDOR photographer gets an amazing shot and just has to show us- or when the FRENDOR florist is super excited about their arrangement and you all can't stop staring at it- these are the moments I truly appreciate on a wedding day behind the scenes.

Everybody loves making new friends and what us vendors have in common is, YOU. When you truly love weddings and your work, this can build lasting relationships by having new people to chat about the industry with. This is the only way to learn new tips and tricks in the industry and to really start to build up trust between two vendors.

When you hire vendors who don't particularly work well together, trust can be a huge issue. There is no worse feeling that trying to coordinate for a couple who hired vendors that aren't doing their job. It's extremely important to bring your A game to every event you do- us vendors are watching closely and taking notes on how you interact, coordinate, and respond to all details of the day. Not in a judgmental way, but professionally speaking, we want to make sure if we recommend you to another client that you're the real deal!

On that note, I want you to know that if you are unsure of great vendors in the industry don't hesitate to reach out! I have a HUGE list of vendors I truly adore to work with, and their passion and heart show at each and every event. So don't hesitate to ask your planner, or photographer who they recommend. It honestly creates magic when you get a whole group of vendors that respect and adore eachother's work and hearts.

So, while you and your besties are having the best day of your life, make sure the fun continues by hiring an A team who will have an amazing time together taking your special day to the next level, creatively, passionately, and humbly working along side of our FRENDORS.



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