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Trend Alert: Watercolor Venue Drawings

Let't talk about something close to my heart, watercolor venue renderings!

Currently, I see this taking off all over the stationery world. Couples have once again found a new way to make their wedding day feel even more personalized, and I for one am loving this idea.

If you're new to the trend, follow along to see if this would be a good fit for your wedding day!

Watercolor rendering.....what is that? This is when a watercolor artist custom colors a hand drawn image of your wedding day venue, your dogs, you as a couple- you name it, and digitizes the image so stationers can merge it onto your wedding day details!

This process is a labor of love and is booming in the wedding world. I for one, love the idea of getting your wedding venue custom water colored or even hand drawn if watercolor isn't your thing. This can be kept and framed in your house for years to come, especially if your venue is really meaningful to you as a couple.

WHY is this so cool? Well... we can digitize that custom drawing and print them onto so many fun wedding details! Say your venue is personal to you and you want to let it shine on your invitation suite? Oh, we can certainly add that to your invite design. Or maybe you want to directions card in your suite, we can custom curate a map to guide guests around your venue or around the area. Or maybe you want a huge poster created with your venue on it that welcomes guest into your reception, the possibilities are endless and honestly this is so unique and fun.

The design possibilities are endless, and I for one think if this idea sounds awesome to you, it's well worth the investment. Especially if your venue is super unique, it will help set the tone of your wedding day and allow guests to visualize your love story. Speaking of love story, maybe the venue isn't your main investment or what you want people to remember the most about your day, I've been seeing more and more couples get their portraits done in watercolor and added to their invite too (you can even add your pets).

Yes- it's true! Some couples are going with this type of design for their Save the dates and making their invites more formal, but if you're looking for a unique invite idea, this is it!

Not to mention the details you can add this same picture to throughout your wedding day, we're talking signage, cocktails, hashtag, posters, etc! This really personalizes your event. I for one, love seeing this look booming in my industry, I just think its beyond interesting and so different to branding your wedding day.

Let's not forget the watercolor pet trend! Calling all animal lovers, if your dog is your best friend like mine, I highly suggest thinking this idea over for your special day. Maybe you don't want fido on your wedding invites, but we can place him somewhere on a suite card, the envelope, or even just use for your wedding day cocktail signage, this way fido can be a big part of your wedding day.

This piece really showcases how unique and fun adding your pup can be to the feel of your invitation suite, it brightens it up and is guaranteed to make guests smile, also how can anyone say no to that face? I love using the watercolor dog vectors throughout your wedding day details like the ceremony. If your dog is walking you down the aisle, I say add him to the program, if your cocktails are in honor of your doggo- add his face to the bar signage, again the possibilities are endless and just make guests want to smile.

Watercolor Invite Designed By Shaytionery

If you're new to this trend, please don't hesitate to reach out. I know some artist who are inspired and eager to design something beautiful for your special day. I would love to give you a quote and get chatting about the design process on something like this.


Shay (Shaytionery)

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