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Tiny house, big dreams.

CHEERS! Cue the confetti, pop the champagne, We're officially building a Tiny House!!

That’s right, we have decided to try to beat all of the odds and build a TINY HOME. Tiny homes are a new concept and they are quickly starting to become more normalized in many states, Ohio not being one of them. Keep reading to hear more about our plans!

We just signed the contract on our 2.1 Acre land and have our hearts set out to start our tiny house build with Modern Tiny Living! This land has great possibility and is located in the most beautiful township called Marion Township in Findlay, Ohio. This area is surrounded by rolling farmlands, horse farms and forested areas. I'm absolutely in love with all of it! Thanks to our realtor, Nick Moody, we found our dream land!

SOLD! Officially a Land Owner!

Now some of you might be wondering, WHAT IS A TINY HOME?

Ah.. yes I get this question from almost every single person I come into contact with lately, it's definitely a new way of living. Tiny homes are essentially little houses on wheels! They are engineered for families that want to have a little more freedom when it comes to living.

I for one, HATE paying rent towards a home I am never going to own, I love Ohio but I'm just not committed to setting down roots here and buying a brand new home yet. I want more freedom to move my house with me, to travel and to spend my money in other places, rather than always fixing up a home. So, I did my research and fell in love with my Dream Home, a Tiny home.

Our dream for our new 2 acre lot is to build a gorgeous Tiny Home from a company called “Modern Tiny Living” right outside of Columbus, Ohio near Amish Country. This company specializes in Tiny Homes and has been featured on HGTV, DIY network and more. Click here to checkout their work! Trent and his team create beautiful homes that are luxury. That being said, this Tiny home isn’t what you would expect. This home will be finished with all luxury materials and set about 28 feet long and 300 sq ft total… I mean it is very small. However, this home will be ours with a beautiful front porch, flower boxes and more it’ll have a lot of curb appeal.

Photoshop Tiny Home Land Plans

Our dream for the interior is to have a more natural vibe with rich emerald greens, neutral earth tones, and some raw edge counter tops. The wonderful thing about Modern Tiny Living homes is that everything is customizable. Our home is more based on the model "koko2" with it's luxury finishes, however it is also very much a custom build in their eyes because we are extending our home by 4 feet to include a claw foot tub in the bathroom and in hopes of adding a tiny house deck to the roof!

Kitchen Mood Board

We're looking to add a lot of really cool features to our Tiny Home including, full sized appliances like washer/ dryer combo, dish washer, oven/ gas stove-top, farm house sinks and a desk space. We want our tiny home to feel like a full sized home to us, I love to cook so a kitchen like this was really important to me.

Living Room Mood Board

We have a vision when it comes to our home, that we want it to be filled with lots of natural light, natural woods, emerald green accents and plenty of plants. Our home will be a dream from head to toe. Our bedroom will be a room to remember, with its wallpaper mural and low rise bed, complete with some natural wood shelving for extra storage space. We also have plans to add a rooftop deck to gain some outdoor view space as well as a place I can do my yoga during the beautiful summer days.

Bedroom/ Rooftop Deck Mood Board

We hope to plant a generous garden in order to farm a little off of our land, as well as raise a couple of chickens for some fresh eggs. This is mainly due to the fact that we have now found out our Tiny Home land is in an agricultural zoning area. This means in order to build, we will have to do some minimal farming on our land, so we figured why not add some chickens?!

Later down the road we also have plans for a beautiful vintage Victorian greenhouse to grow more plants and flowers on our land, plenty to share with anyone who needs a beautiful bouquet! As a custom stationer, wedding and event planner I feel this will come in handy when meeting with clients on our land as well!

Checkout this video link for a more in depth story about our Tiny Home process and our next steps.


We have currently hit a road bump in our tiny house plans, after speaking with some Marion township zoning officials it seems we will have to present our Tiny Home to a zoning board in hopes for a variance to occur. This means that zoning can approve to accept our build if they find our plans to be acceptable to their laws. Marion township has strict zoning laws when it comes to agriculture, so in order to be approved we have sent letters to our neighbors explaining our story and asking for support. The more support we can get for our build on the day of our hearing, the better of odds we have. I will soon be recording a tiny house update once we figure out more on our hearing date, and ideas on how to prepare for your own Tiny house dreams.

Until then, we are pausing on our build and remaining hopeful for our dreams to turn into a reality. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out! I love to share our process and we can't wait to continue to reach towards this tiny dream of ours.

Christoph and I shot by one of our favorite photographers @BaileyTootPhotography


Shay (Shaytionery)

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