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Stationery Pricing- What you really pay for.

One of the most common questions I get on pricing is WHY? Why is this such an expensive good? This can be an awkward question for anyone in the business industry because the last thing I want to do is cause anyone some financial stress. I've been there, we've all been there, and I want each and every one of my clients to know, I am not out here trying to rip you off or make you feel like you can't afford me.

So here are some common pricing questions for perspective from seller to buyer.

1. Customization. Anything custom in the world is going to cost you a little bit more than the generic option.. am I right? Think about it like this... You go in to a store and love jacket but you want one detail totally different than the commercial option, so you hire someone to make a similar jacket but with your custom details. This will cost you double or maybe even triple the price of the commercial jacket... WHY? well you are customizing something, you are hiring a designer to hand craft and spend time on a product that does not exist. This is why my prices sometimes are higher than something you would find off of minted or vistaprint. I am making a totally new design with all of your fav features! It takes time.

Customized Menus to match Floral Design

2. Hours/ Edits. When someone hires me, I make sure they get as many edits/ design options as it takes to complete the invite or design of your dreams. I truly want to harvest a relationship that inspires both of us to create something beautiful, unique, and totally YOU. This means this could take hours, days, or endless edits.

My favorite story to tell about editing is one customer in particular. She knew exactly what she wanted and she was great at voicing her vision, because I will not be hurt if you want something COMPLETELY different than what I've designed. This particular client had my favorite edit thus far... one teeny tiny rose bud in her watercolor floral design was not where she wanted it, she wanted it about an .2 of an inch over to the left. This is the kind of customization you get when you hire someone to do your design for you. I will not stop until it is absolutely ready to be printed.

Then we send this to a TEST print. which means printing on all of your paper choices for quality and etc. This will be test printed to guarantee it's exactly the design we want! This also takes time and is an added luxury compared to buying commercial, often they don't test print and send everything at once, without notice this could mean paying for a design you do not like!

A Perfect Client's Vision

3. Printer. I work with local printers that know and love me. In my industry it's important to build and maintain vendor relationships! This could mean getting something rush printed, or re-printed, or even special help on certain projects! Truly, they never let me down, they always cut everything perfectly and help me achieve my overall vision on many projects. Not only is this great for me, but for my clients I want you to know that they have our backs! Also they print on soy ink so they are environmentally friendly prints, and recyclable too!

Keystone Press Printing, My local Printer!

4. Emails/ Contact. My absolute favorite part of designing with a client is the relationship we get to create together. Not only am I here to answer your design questions, someone to bounce create ideas off of, and guide you in the right direction but I truly am here for you for anything else you have going on. I've had clients who just wanted and needed someone to talk to and I love being that. Some days it's hard to find someone who knows the industry knows what you're going through and is eager to help and listen! UM HELLO!!! That's me. I want to help you feel less stressed, comfortable with your choices, and in general- to feel so excited about your wedding day. I am here to cheer you on, make your life easier and help you to feel ready for that special day. I am around 24/7 for my clients, I always respond in a timely manner and I love to give consultations to make sure we fit well. This is another luxury you get when hiring someone to design for you. I can make sure these prints are done and in your hands as soon as you need them. I CARE about you and your needs.

Always Emailing, Answering Text and Ready to Mingle!

5. Love. the final thing is truly simple. I have a love for design and a passion for it too. I would never want to send my designs out into the world unless I felt confident with them. This is my living, my dream, my favorite thing to do, and I want to do it right for you. So by committing to me, you can guarantee you're paying for quality, fostering a dream, and for a unique one of a kind design.

Me and My love for my Designs

I hope these helped put my pricing and design into perspective. If you have any questions for me please comment or email to my account! I am always willing to help ease your mind, answer some design questions or just bounce some ideas off one another.


Shay (Shaytionery)

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