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Practicing self care in the business world

Let's be real, self-care is HARD. Especially if you're like me and constantly working towards your various dreams. I'm always moving, moving, moving, and often this can result in less time for myself.

WELLNESS, is so important, in that you need to make sure in the hustle and bustle of life you're taking time to let yourself rest, reset, and relax. So many people ask me how I handle all of the hobbies and jobs I take on and honestly, it all comes down to finding time for myself and knowing when too much is well, too much.

Here are some of my tips for taking care of myself and finding self love.

1. Spend time with yourself. I know that it can seem like FOMO missing out on events, time with friends or opportunities to meet new people, but honestly my best tip for self-care is to take yourself out on date. You will be so happy and pleasantly surprised at how therapeutic coffee or shopping with yourself can feel. Just the thought of spending time alone makes me feel giddy inside. I adore those quiet moments out in the world meant for just me. So find one hour a week to do this for you! I promise it's so worth it and helps you keep yourself together.

2. Yoga or fitness. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to make sure you're working your body in an efficient way. This releases those happy hormones in your brain and ultimately allows your body and mind to blow off some steam. Even though I teach yoga twice a week I always try to find time to make sure I do a small workout every day- even if it's only 15-20 minutes. This really just helps my overall mindset and makes me feel ready to take on the day. If anything, adding a yoga practice to your day or week is so worth it, yoga was created to teach yourself how to really appreciate and love your body. Take time for you and your health and stretch those beautiful limbs, trust me you'll feel so good after!

3. Passion. Even though my days are always 90% busy with my various tasks and jobs I handle, my life is still designed around things that make me feel excited and passionate. When you fill your life with things that make you passionate, it doesn't feel like work. Designing every day for multiple clients is truly my happy place. This is self care to me, making sure my life is designed in a way that I'm excited about. If you wake up every day dreading your work, you might need to check in with yourself. You only get one time to live, why not make it be filled with every thing that excites you? I design all day, help others get healthy with Arbonne, and then twice a week go and share yoga with so many different people that it truly doesn't feel like work to me. This is so important- I'm not saying if you hate your job to quit- but I am saying that if your life isn't fulfilling your passions, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your decisions.

4. Candlelit poetry session. THIS. This is my favorite life changing routine. We all go through phases in our life, sometimes phases that force us to re-evaluate all that we believe in entirely. I've been there, and at times there is little you can do, except try to find yourself again. This is how I always find myself. I love to read poetry books, throw on a record like Iron and Wine or Radiohead and just enjoy my quiet time, letting the poetry speak to me and heal me. I think we often feel so alone when we can't find ourselves, and poetry really helps guide me back to myself. This always helps me to remember what it is I believe in and stand for. Message me for my favorite beginner books if you're interested in healing your heart and growing into yourself.

5. Learning when to say No. It's really important to dedicate time for separation between business and home life. The hardest part about designing for a living and meeting with wedding clients is that usually they can't talk or meet until after the work day is over. This means that even though I may have spent all day designing, I typically have a meeting in the evening or have to schedule time for client calls once I am home from work. I don't mind doing this in order to make that time easier on my clients. This is so normal and typical, however you want to make sure to keep those post phone call emails and texts to a minimum when you're out of the office. Dedicate time to just live. Clients will understand if you can't get to it until the next day. It's important to say NO to yourself and put time in for your self-care. You need this babe.

6. Making time for friends/ fun. While saying no is very important for your sanity, so is making time to enjoy your friends and family. Dedicate one day a week to catching up with a friend and one day a week to meeting up with family. I always try to balance this the best way I can, while also finding time for me. It's hard to make everyone feel like a priority so schedule time with friends in advance to let them know you care and want to be with them, but you're just busy. REAL friends should always support that you are working so hard for your dreams, and know that you love them regardless. Trust me when I say a weekend or day with a friend can take loads of stress off of your daily life.

So there you have it, my 6 tips for self-care in this crazy fast moving business world. You work so hard every day to reach those dreams, but make sure you're always making time for you! You deserve to rest, relax and feel good about life. Don't sweat the small stuff, and know that work can always wait when it's messing with your self-care. Be mindful of your body, what your mind and heart need, and never forget to stand up for you. You are the best gift you have, make sure to make time for it.

Until next time,


Shay (Shaytionery)

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