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Paper... Paper and more PAPER!

One of my favorite parts of Stationery design is the many paper options I'm able to use to enhance my designs. There are SO many unique and textured paper options out there in the stationery world. This is drastically changing the stationery industry with new trends, famous stationery designers like CECI New York (check out her work here), and higher quality expectations.

So lets dive right into paper types and which are most budget friendly, versus more high end. I know we are all dying to keep high quality with a low budget impact, so here are my favorite budget friendly paper ideas.

1. Cougar Cover. BASIC white paper, but still heavy enough to be considered card stock is one of the cheapest routes I will go with my designs. This paper is nice enough to keep your costs the lowest but also still allows your guests to feel like you spent some money. From my local printers I can get a lot of different varieties but my favorites are 100 lb and 130 lb weights for different textures and a more luxe feel between each suite piece. (typically $0.95 per 5 X 7 Invite)

Cougar Cover #100-130 lb weight

2. Metallic Starsdream Paper. This paper is a little heavier at 130 lb weight but also is so high-end finished compared to the Cougar Cover. This paper has metallic trails of glimmer and sparkle to it without coming off as too dramatic. It also comes in many colors and really elevates your invite to the next luxe level- still very affordable. ( estimated $1.30 per 5 X 7 invite with upgraded paper)

Metallic StarsDream Paper

3. Translucent Paper. Clear, light-weight paper that you can attach to a heavier paper to get a really nice design and enhance your visual design elements. This paper is one of my favorites and can take any color onto it except white. I love the idea of an interactive invite design like the baby shower invitation below, it allowed guests to move the top translucent piece to the side in order to read the invite. ( typically runs an additional $0.45 to your invite pricing)

Translucent Start Sheet on top of Invitation

4. Acrylic. So acrylic isn't actually paper, but it is a fun new way to print your invites and it's a trend that is growing and growing! Acrylic can be very expensive because often a lot of local printers would have to order in the acrylic and sometimes it even needs to be cut piece by piece, BUT it is sooooo amazing and allows guests to keep forever. ( typical price $6.15 per invite)

Acrylic Invites designed by me, calligraphy by InEverySeaonCalligraphy

5. Laser Cut. Laser cut invites are very unique and can take all sorts of cuts! I recently ordered some laser cut designs and loved loved loved the outcome. This can be very expensive... like $7.00-$10.00 per invite expensive. So this is awesome if you have a large Stationery budget and if you have a small guest count can become less expensive.

Laser Cut Styled Shoot (invite design by me)

6. Wooden Paper- YES. this is an actual option and is SO COOL in person. This invite wood is very very thin (but still thicker than basic card stock) and allows you to print your design on top of it! This tends to be a lighter wood, but if you love wood aesthetic this is the perfect invite option for you. ( $5-6.00 per 5 X 7 Invite)

Wooden Invite Example (not my design)

7. Raw Edge- natural paper- This is by FAR my favorite paper option. Nothing is more romantic than the look of raw edge natural hand made paper. This is just pure magic. It can be very expensive because the paper is hand made and each invite has to be printed separately because of the natural edges. But this is the ultimate invite if you ask me. Raw edge paper is just so comforting, like a handmade gift being mailed right to your door!

($5-9 per invite)

Airy Raw Edge Paper Suite

In truth, I love and adore all sorts of paper! If you have more paper questions or anything else paper wise in mind, I would love to expand my designs or give you some insight on how your paper option could be most cost friendly to you!

Until next time,



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