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Pampered in PAMPAS

Let's chat... PAMPAS grass. I don't know about you, but I'm in love with any and all pampas grass lately. I know the pampas grass trend has been in season for awhile, however it's finally starting to carry on over to the stationery world, and I couldn't be more excited!

Pampas grass not only adds texture to your wedding design, but also creates a mood unlike any other floral. I am excited to announce that we are saying out with the eucalyptus and hellooooooo to pampas grass. I love just about any floral for your wedding look, however pampas grass is something I adore adding into any design element for various reasons. Especially your wedding Arch, table decor, photo-op, seating chart, and even down to your stationery suite.

Here are my favorite ways to incorporate pampas grass into your next event!

Floral Installation

Nothing creates a bigger WOW factor than an amazing floral installation piece. And let me tell you, PAMPAS does not disappoint at making an entrance. The wonderful thing about pampas grass is that it can be dyed so many different colors, creating one of a kind installation inspiration. I swoon at the thought of pampas grass in any installation piece. What do you think? Dreamy right?

Ceremony Arch

Pampas meets ceremony arch..... my kind of heaven. I love how natural this arch style feels. If you're a nature girl with a modern flare like me, this arch is perfect for you! How delightful to get married in a setting like this- count me in!

Invitation Suites

I am obsessing over these gorgeous hand drawn pampas details for invitation design. Let me set the tone for you, it's a beautiful sunny day and you're walking into the post office to mail out your gorgeous custom designed invitations, two days later your guests open their invite and immediately they are taken to a warm sunny wedding day, filled with custom designs and pampas grass accents. Now this, this is what an invite should feel like.

Seating Chart Design

If you ask me, Seating charts are one of the most personalized accents to your wedding day decor. Why? because it's the one piece that welcomes guests from your ceremony into your reception space. Your seating chart should tie the two event spaces together, creating a cohesive flow throughout your day. Imagine walking into your wedding day and having pampas grass custom seating chart designs that perfectly accent the rest of your wedding day florals, now this- this is pure magic.


OBSESSED with pampas grass florals. If you haven't gotten my love for pampas throughout this blog post, then really I can't stress it any further I LOVE IT. Pampas is so special due to the fact that it's got a lot of texture, which adds a lot of depth to your reception table decor and allows the eye to dance around the room. I also love custom color died pampas grass, why not add a POP of color to your reception centerpieces- trust me, you will swoon walking into a space with florals like this- and don't worry, we can design custom menus to match.

Home Decor

So... I know I talk a lot about wedding decor, but I want to be CLEAR when I say that pampas grass can be used anywhere- even in your home! I have pampas grass throughout my home because I adore it so much, and I even have some custom pink pampas grass I bought off of Etsy. I use my variety of pampas grass in a lot of my Instagram flat lay design. I feel it gives my house and my feed a fun fresh new take on design and I love the idea of tie this into my wedding day someday. Be creative when it comes to your home decor, it really helps to make your space reflective of you!

Well there you have it friends, my favorite ways to incorporate pampas grass to your wedding day. From one pampas lover to the next, may you always stay inspired.


Shay (Shaytionery)

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