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Need Designing INSPO? A Playlist for Designers.

➡ The best way to get into a designing groove, or work from home mood, is a killer playlist to keep you focused and working. I love my fair share of music, but certainly feel more creative and inspired when the music hits a certain vibe... am I right?

Que, coffee shop vibes.

Sometimes too mellow of music mutes my creativity, these are design-approved songs to really help the creative juices flow. Let me know if this playlist works for you, and please feel free to share with friends!

The more plays, the merrier.

Don't have Spotify? Check the PDF format below to look up songs via YouTube, or Apple Music. I also love the following Pandora radio stations: "The National Radio", "The 1975 Radio", "MGMT Radio", and "Chillwave Radio" for designing purposes.

Do you have some amazing tracks that I didn't include? Please feel free to share some design or work inspo music in the comments below! ⬇

happy designing, editing or creating, my friends!



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