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My Poetry Journey

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

How many of us have projects we've been slowly picking away at for YEARS?


I am totally so guilty of writing my poetry book, Deforested, for over three years now. I love, love, love, to write! I actually minored in creative writing in college too! I've done endless research reading different poetry styles, modern- traditional, and anything in between. If you come to my house you will see piles and piles of poetry books, my guilty pleasure.

Something about words that hit you in your heart, really inspire me. I want to connect through words. Knowing how many times a poem made me feel less alone, really inspires me to connect with someone else in this way. I am so close to finally being done with my book but the last chapter is my defeat..... I've been stuck editing this chapter for a year or so...

I admire all poets out there who publish back to back books- like r.h. sin! It's so hard to edit your heart, your words, your truth. Its difficult to relive those moments you wrote about, and each and every poem I write evokes a hard memory for me... it makes this so hard for me to complete.

Poets are traditionally known for being dark, or drawn to things that make their heart bleed. I'm typically a very light person inside and out, but I've been through a lot of really dark and hard things throughout life. I hope someone hears this, and I hope it helps.

My fascination with words came first through music. Music literally healed me through those rough high school years, and so did TUMBLER quotes. Yes! I'm throwing it back to when tumbler was a thing, and I was obsessed with quotes, and words, and how they hit me when I needed to feel less alone. I had plenty of friends, but I was an only child who really longed for something to heal, and mend my heart. So in these times words would speak and truly I felt so warm and comforted by this. I knew some day, I wanted to warm someone's heart too.

I started writing journals on journals of poems, and even though they were silly and a lot of the content I can't ever use for my actual book, these words were raw and real and came from somewhere that spoke directly to my heart. I never stopped writing, I still write when inspiration hits me, it's like I was MADE to write. I just comes out, it pours out of me into my notes and books of poems, and I can never give this part of my heart up.

I love and adore designing and this is my career, but in my heart I am longing to let my words out into the world! Someday it WILL happen, and I am so close, I just need that final push to finish my book up.

So here is my call to action for YOU. Never give up on a project, no matter how hard it is, if this is something you want for yourself, DO IT. DON'T GIVE UP! It doesn't matter if it takes 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 years, just get it done! Also- if you ever see me out in public or on my stories, keep my ACCOUNTABLE for this. Message me about my book, let me know I need to get it done! It truly helps me to keep working and moving when I know others are watching.

When my book is finally done and open to purchase I hope you will find it to be straight from the heart and real. <3

Ps: all of these poems are in my book! Just little snippets I wanted to share with you.

Until next time,



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