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Incorporating the perfect Menu into your next event.

Second favorite part of an event day? THE FOOD of course.......

Following my first favorite part, seeing two lovers join in marriage or watching an event day unfold piece by piece. Menus play an important role when it comes to entertaining, food is a universal love language, we all need to eat and love to eat. Checkout my favorite reasons to incorporate a fun menu design into your event day.

Woodsy Styled Shoot Menu on raw edge paper.

The perfect event or wedding day needs an aesthetically pleasing menu for their tablescape design. Nothing feels more complete and satisfying to me than setting up tables, linens, chairs, chargers, and topping it all off with a gorgeous event inspired menu.

Menus speak to the nature of your meal and really tie the whole table display together. To me, an event space seems rather bare without something fun to read. This allows guest to get excited about the food they are about to consume- and gives that pricey meal a MOMENT to shine on the event day.

Below: Left to Right- Lavender & Greenery Inspired Menu Design, Tropical Wedding, Classy Floral Styled Shoot, Fall Inspired Styled Shoot- Designed by @shaytionerydesigns

Another great reason to incorporate a menu into your table design is for those guests with food allergies. Okay, okay, so now in days 1 out of every 3 friends has some sort of food allergy--- am I right? We have vegans, vegetarians, nut-free, gluten- free, dairy- free, and so many more! If you're like me, I don't like to be super extra and request a specific allergy free meal, or some couples simply don't opt to have an allergen free meal. By incorporating a menu- this allows guests to read exactly what is in the entree as well as allowing catering to run smoothly- without having coordinators and caterers continuously checking on meal ingredients. WIN-WIN.

A great menu also allows for a fun guest photo op- or guest memento. I have designed for numerous weddings and events and let me tell you- nothing feels more special during the reception than seeing guests keep their menus that I had the privilege to design. I also smile and feel so excited that I could create something worth keeping like that. Not to mention, the host or bride and groom seeing pictures that you post of these small details makes it all worthwhile to them.

Below: Left to Right: Circular Menu Whimsical Styled Shoot, Modern Menu on Italian china, Modern Watercolor Menu on Pink Velvet linen, Raw Edge Farmhouse paper with twine and wax seal- designed by @shaytionerydesigns.

Some couples have buffets rather than a plated meal- but don't skimp on those menus! Buffet menus are even more important for guests, especially if you go with multiple buffet areas throughout the venue. This allows guests to scope out which buffets they want to get in line for- and which lines aren't worthwhile to them- creating an easier traffic flow and quicker line time for each buffet.

Menus also allow couples and hosts to carry on a theme from invite, to signage, to menus. Truly branding their event and carrying out a common event theme. I love this part when it comes to design- truly envisioning what the linens and chargers will look like with the menu to tie it all together. Typically, if I am designing a menu for an event, I make sure to check in on all of the details- I want to make sure you're paying for something that will highlight all areas of your event- as well as match the decor! You want to make sure you're incorporating the menu into your decor not just designing something pretty and off theme.

Below: Left to Right: Elegant navy & gold menu design, Art deco & floral menu, Time to Eat retro inspired menu, So very thankful thanksgiving menu design. Design by @shaytionerydesigns

So, if you're second guessing ordering menus for your event- JUST DO IT. It truly pulls the whole reception space together, it's great for the guests, and makes your event one to remember. Not to mention, after spending so much money on the food, decor and space, why allow your theme to shine with something as simple as paper.

Checkout my menu inspo below- I am so excited to try my hand at some new menu trends ASAP. Lookout for more menu designs coming soon.

Designs found on Pinterest under my INSPO boards: Follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration! Click Here.

Happy Holidays Friends! To you and your love ones, from me and mine.


Shay (Shaytionery)

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