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How to stay Organized in the workplace.

Organization doesn't come easy for most people. I've had to learn how to maintain organization while balancing all of my different jobs and I have so many secrets and tips to share with you- read along as we both grow into new organization habits.

If you know me, you know I'm constantly busy. I work full time as a stationery designer, I work as an event designer/ coordinator for Elite Events, I work part-time at a local boutique called the Shimmery Belle Boutique, I teach fitness classes two or more times a week, and I also am an independent consultant for Arbonne.

To stay on top of it all and not get burned out, takes a lot of organization throughout my day and daily tasks, today I'm going to share with you how I do it!

#1. ANYONE can become an organized person, it just takes dedication and a simple mindset of "I can do this".

I have a CRAZY busy lifestyle, and I've always been this way. But over the years, I've learned how to maintain my anxiety while balancing so many different tasks at once, the secret is.... LISTS.

#2. LISTS are amazing, they help you sort out any anxiety. There's something so soothing about writing out tasks to complete throughout your day. Not only does this help with setting a routine to your daily schedule, but it also helps you sort out what truly needs to get done from day to day, and what can wait for tomorrow. So if you don't have a planner already- go out and by a planner ( this is the first important step in organization). I like the planners that have lists per day like the photo below. This gives me plenty of room and helps to plan out my daily tasks. ( you can purchase planners at any craft store or target.)

I start by mapping out my work schedule for the week, next I add in my workouts or time for self care (SUPER IMPORTANT), then I add in what nights I'm cooking, and slowly fill in tasks for the day that HAVE to happen. Examples; Client meetings or calls, Design work, Design check in's, cleaning tasks, fitness classes I'm teaching, blog writing time, new design prints etc.

As I go along with my day, I check these items off of my list. This is my motivation, if something is written down on my list, the competitive girl inside of me is DETERMINED to check it off of the list, but if it doesn't happen that day, it's important to just move it to the next available day that you can make it happen, no stress, still organized, it'll get done.

Don't sweat the small stuff, just try not to make this a daily habit or it'll never get done.

#3. Accountability. Becoming an organized person takes self-motivation and accountability. You have to be consistent and truly work at staying on top of your tasks. I have my own business and also work for other business owners, this means I have to find balance at who's tasks are the most important. I typically start with my employer tasks because they are paying me to uphold a brand for them. Then I move onto my personal business tasks. This ensures that I am holding up my job qualifications while also maintaining my own goals.

Be accountable for yourself, for your goals, and for your business.

#4. Prepping ahead. This is so important. I also prep the next week in my planner the week before to make sure I am always onto my tasks without wondering what I have to get done that day. For example: Every Monday, I block out time to create posts for all of my accounts, so every Monday I know this task will be done- or at least started. It also helps to prep meals, or prep meetings ahead of time like the night before, to ensure you never run out of time for these important things.

For quick meeting prep, I keep a stationery box (filled with paper samples, envelope samples and many design ideas) that is specifically for client meetings, this allows me to know I have my work prepped, easy to grab on a busy day, and looks well organized for my clients. I also keep my client notebook with me at all times in case of new client notes, or design work ideas.

As far as blog posts, Pinterest, and social media posts are concerned I use google calendar to make my monthly posts ahead of time. This means I spend one day coming up with content, prep the content in my calendar (blog posts topics etc, see picture for example) and then the week of- I know exactly what content I need to be posting about. I color code each content related task too so it's easy to find. This helps take the anxiety out of my tasks a head of time, and of course I can always move topics around if it's not inspiring me at that moment, but at least I know I have topics planned a head of time to help guide me into the week.

Social media prep is super easy with a Pinterest profile, you can schedule content for every day to post. I typically do this on Mondays and prep content for a whole week if not more. For instagram and facebook I use an app called UNUM on my phone, this app is awesome and free. You can upload your instagram feed into the app and then add content with captions and hashtags a head of time. This is great for prepping ahead because it helps me keep a cohesive color theme and helps me feel less anxious about posting my content.

#5. Following Up. Whatever your career may be, we are always constantly working with people. It's hard to make clients feel like a priority on top of every day tasks- to ensure all of my clients feel taken care of and that they're in my thoughts, I have organized a list of constant reach outs/ check ins. I have so many projects currently and I had to figure out an organized system on how to make sure I get every client taken care of. So, I added them into my planner. I rotate between check-ins and as soon as I message a client to follow- up or send info or designs, I immediately write them down the next week on a day to follow-up. Often times clients read texts or messages and forget to respond, so It's up to us to ensure our clients are on top of their game.

Now sometimes this system gets interrupted by a client following up with me instead, a day or so before I'm about to reach out, when this happens I move their follow up to the next week and etc etc. On top of this, I also keep a client notebook specifically for my client projects. This helps me to keep all of my client notes in one place as well as a list of current projects to continuously keep up with everything I need to be on top of.

#6 No pressure. The biggest task in organization is to make it feel effortless and a part of your day. Getting into an organized routine can be hard, but after a month or so you'll get the hang of things. Don't sweat the small stuff, if something doesn't get done on Monday, make it a priority for Tuesday. Life gets in the way sometimes, and people understand that. It's important to live your life still, don't let tasks over-run you. Find time for yourself every single day, whether this be through workout, yoga, meditation or time with friends or a loved one. You are important too- never forget to find time for yourself.

I hope some of these tips helped you to find a new way to become organized in your work life, or social life. I'm constantly learning and growing and my organization is the one thing that has always kept me accountable, on time, and less anxious about my tasks.

Let me know if you use any of these tips in the comments below, or if you have some other great organization tips to share with us.

until next time,



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