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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the event planner in me can't stop pinning amazing holiday INSPO. I love the feel of decorating a good holiday table, especially with some fun holiday signage to create the best atmosphere for friends and family to gather.

Follow along this post to find new Thanksgiving Stationery ideas. I'm always open to designing something for your holiday needs so feel free to reach out if any of these ideas spark your interest!

1. Holiday menus.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving nothing makes a table feel more complete than incorporating some amazing menus. Yes, we all know what a traditional menu for thanksgiving will look like.... But why not honor the cook with a fun menu to detail that amazing feast we are all so thankful for. Check out my fun takes on Thanksgiving menus. I am happy to edit these templates for your family to give thanks too!

2. Food Catering Cards.

One the of the most... lets be honest... annoying, things about a Holiday meal is the guessing game... "what is in this" "is this gluten/ dairy free?" SO MANY FOOD QUESTIONS. Eliminate this issue with fun little catering cards to place in front of dishes, you can even have some blank ones ready for those family members who INSIST on bringing a dish (even if it's not necessary) checkout some of the cute ones I've designed below to match your holiday menus.

3. Cocktail Menus.

Every year I make it my mission to bring a fun holiday cocktail like harvest sangria or cranberry mimosas! Add a fun drink station sign to help family and guest create their own drink....So you aren't standing there all night serving everyone yourself. This also can help to create an easy flow for guests!

Customize to fit your party cocktail needs

4. Thankful Signage.

Decor is so much fun! Especially on a day to be thankful for so many different things. Try incorporating some Thanksgiving Signs into your decor, onto the table, dessert or buffet area, or maybe even an area for a family photo-op too! Checkout my custom designs below.

5. Place cards.

Sometimes in families... we have some guests who aren't best close to one another. One easy way to diffuse any family arguments or seating issues is to print off some place cards for each member and place onto their dinner spot! Checkout some adorable ones below that match my design ideas below.

6. Thankful Worksheets.

Traditions are so important during the Holidays. Why stop at just going around the table and saying what you're thankful for? You can order some fun thankful worksheets like one I designed below. How fun are these?? Incorporate Thankful BINGO for family or friends-giving... the idea is to slightly cross off each item that happens during your thanksgiving activities, The first one with BINGO wins a fun gift! (keep your eyes open for a freebie on my instagram @shaytionerydesigns during the week of Thanskgiving!)

I truly love all of these ideas to add to your Thanksgiving festivities. If you're interested in anything fun like the ones I designed above please don't hesitate to get in touch. These designs print just beautifully off of an at home printer and add such a customizable idea to your holiday events!

Until Next time,


Shay (Shaytionery)

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