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All About Shay

Hi! My name is Shayna Looney, owner and designer of Shaytionery Designs!

Some days, I wake up and remember I get to do what I love every single day, and in this instant the coffee isn't needed (but still necessary), because I am once again thriving off of knowing that "HEY LOOK MOM I MADE IT. "

This is important because my whole life I was taught to follow my heart and my dreams, but society is constantly telling us that this isn't what we should be chasing, but the money, now that is what the goal is. But what if you could have both? What if you could be happy every single day living your dreams and make money that feels good, because it makes you happy?

That's what I get to feel every single day, every design I create from start to finish right down to handing my client that design and seeing their face light up.... that, that is my happiness.

But let's rewind a little bit to a year ago when a young adult was constantly unhappy in her work. Coordinating and Planning events is what I got my Bachelor Degree in at BGSU, Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio (go falcons!). And my heart still is for sure in coordinating events! Before I graduated I landed head Event Coordinator at a Yacht Club on Lake Erie and let me tell you.. I quickly dreamed of opening my own business, I knew life had more to offer than working for a man that had no idea how to run and operate a business, who refused to take any of my ideas and oppressed my creative vision.

Once my best friend Erica Simmons, bought Elite Events from our fav boss babe Nikki, I knew that my door was finally opening up. This, this was my time to be free creatively, to be my own boss, to make my creative passion come back to life. And I wanted more. I wanted to design.

You see, my first internship was under Nikki the original owner of Elite Events back when I was in college, this is where I got my first taste of hands-on experience in the event world. Where I was coached on coordinating, using my creativity, and for the first time ever, taught how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Nikki saw in me some sort of creative spark that I've always felt I had, but never considered designing Invitations. Together we even designed some Invites that got published in THE KNOT wedding magazine Ohio. From that moment, I've never stopped designing.

Once I started, I couldn't stop. I started designing for all sorts of purposes, just to create. And years later, when I got my position at that Yacht club, I still designed! I designed custom menus, Invitations for clients, Invitations to our fundraisers, emails, you name it! And that was the part I was most passionate about.

So, I took my passion and ran with it, a little over a year ago, I decided to make an Instagram account to showcase my design work. To show I could make Invites, Custom Wedding Pieces, you name it. This quickly picked up and I was designing for friends, friends of friends, people who just happened to see my page and wanted help, it grew and grew!

Then Elite started to pick up and my beautiful, supportive, best friend decided she would only EXCLUSIVELY work with me through Elite. Which means all of her Elite Clients will get my info if they need any Stationery Elements, and now over the past year I've been published over 8 times!! That is just so amazing, I cannot express how truly blessed I am.

So with this post I truly want you to hear my voice, and know that with each and every client that I make contact with, you are fostering a DREAM of mine. You are supporting someone who truly loves to do this. You make me inspired, you make me feel accomplished, and most of all you make me happy.

I hope you hear this.



Shayna Looney, Owner and Designer Of Shaytionery Designs

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