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26 Seating Chart Designs that POP.

#NowTrending! Seating chart designs that WOW your guests. Nothing screams a well- done wedding more than an exquisite seating chart. I for one, am a sucker for a seating chart that makes me feel special to be a guest. Have you ever been to a wedding with something so unique you wonder "how did this happen?!" that's exactly the reaction I look for when I design a seating chart for my clients.

Follow below for 26 of my favorite trends on the Seating Chart market RIGHT now.

Display Seating Charts

Lets start with seating chart display areas. These are awesome because you can contract someone to build you a custom wall and add your personalized seating chart signage. I personally love to see these at any event because it truly helps guide the guest through your event experience. Sometimes seating charts get over looked if they aren't displayed correctly or made into an experience. This helps to truly make sure that seating chart gets spotlighted and can even be used as a photo op for guests to # your wedding with!

Left to right: Boho circular mirror wall hand calligraphed for each table, matte black "take a shot, take a seat" wall, Envelope wall calligraphied with your seating chart numbers.

Neon Seating Charts:

Not only are neon signs a HUGE hit with wedding displays, but they are perfect for your seating chart area. This allows all guests to see your name up in lights and truly appreciate the neon notes.

Left to Right: This take a seat seating chart is from a wedding Elite Events created, complete with neon signage, pom-poms and clip board seating charts. This black seating chart is perfect for keeping the neon letters after your wedding day and using in your home as a new welcome ode to your marriage, complete with hexagon shaped escort cards. Thirdly, I am also LOVING neon colors as wedding touches, or seating chart acrylic signage this seating chart is sure to POP on your wedding day.

Vase Seating Charts-

Hello- these are so trending right now! Vases are such a fun unique way to use as seating chart design, just hire a calligrapher and hand select your vases or table-ware and you're all set. The best way to honor this piece is to have a fun table in the guests line of sight, so they don't miss the fun new trendy design! Also loving the neon vases on a shelf idea, this really is a great way to display your custom seating chart. And thirdly- the wine bottle vases with printed labels adds a fun play on wine-lovers seating design.

Left to Right: Hand calligraphied vases, decals on neon vases, wine bottles with custom labels.

Floral Seating Charts

I'm a sucker for floral, and there are so many wonderful florists out there who want to make your wedding floral dreams come true! Why not hire two professionals to collaborate on one major amazing seating chart like the acrylic floral case seating charts? This is totally do-able.. and I am so game to try this design out. Flower pressed anything is so truly unique for all of my earthy babes, this is for you. Lastly, nothing scream floral more than vines and a beautiful real floral bush or backdrop, add acrylic signage and you have the perfect floral pop to any seating chart design!

Left to Right: Glass floral display with decal seating chart design, acrylic pressed flowers with calligraphy, acrylic glass seating chart designed in front of a floral backdrop.


To this day, I still stop whenever I see macrame-anything! And these macrame seating charts do not fail when it comes to the show-stopping department! You can add subtle pops of macrame, or incorporate your guests names through table cards over the macrame or even just buy a hand dipped macrame in your wedding colors. This makes for an amazing photo-op and you can rent macrame from tons of event professionals- win/win, or keep for yourself as and ode to your wedding day.

Left to Right: Woven Macrame with hand calligraphy runners. Died macrame and digitally designed framed seating chart, Unique macrame with printed calligraphy seating chart cards attached.

Square Frame

I don't know why something so simple has captured my attention in the wedding world. This signage trend is growing each year and I'm all about it! This seating chart is perfect for the modern minimalist touches on a wedding. Complete with your choice of finish (ex: matte black, copper, gold) this frame seating chart is gaining momentum and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon.

Left to Right: Copper framed white printed seating chart, matte black framed digital printed seating chart, matte black frame with matte black printed seating chart.

Causal Setup

New Trend alert! I'm currently adoring this idea for more of a casual feel to your seating chart needs, printing onto blocks and adding florals throughout, printing separate cards and framing and catching guests eye by incorporating design or even just taking a beautiful room divider and attaching your seating chart cards invites your guest to relax and really take in all of the design you added to your special day.

Left to Right: Blocks with printed decals for each table, BOHO designed cards printed and framed, hand selected room divider with printed table number signs.

What do you think? Do any of these designs capture your eye?

Lastly, I will share some of the few seating charts I've had the pleasure of working on. Although they aren't as crazy or unique as some of those I shared above, I still have such a special place in my heart for a simple design.

Left to right: California Winery Seating Chart Cards attached to a wooden frame, Champagne seating chart escort cards, Table numbers waxed sealed to a gold mirror, distant shot of the gold mirror seating chart, Moscow mule seating chart display with escort cards, last but not least, Farm lavender 280 person digital seating chart design.

Stay on trend,


Shay (Shaytionery)

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