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2021- a year in PAPER review

Hello stationery friends! It's been a while since I've had time to write in my blog, but the New Year is right around the corner, and I am determined to write more often- it's something I absolutely love to do!

If you haven't seen me blogging in 2022- hold me accountable!

photo credit: @BrittanyBradleyStudio

Let's wrap up 2021 with GROWTH & a look back on my favorites from over the year. Although I have LOVED every single client & project this year, there are a few close to my heart that I feel have branded Shaytionery Designs into the next level. This post is about to break those projects down with inspo & stories behind the creativity of each job.

2021: Invitation Suite Love

I had a year of amazingly creative growth, and amazingly creative clients! This year I vowed to bring on the creativity with my clients, and we pushed it to the next level! Here are my top 5 favorite invite projects from 2021 and their creative story- counting down backwards from 5....

5. Old World Inspired Styled Shoot

photo credit: @BrittanyBradleyStudio

This shoot was oh- so dreamy created by Brittany Bradley Studio and hosted at Cliffside Acres in Columbus, Ohio. Everything about this glam/modern/old world inspired shoot had me in love! This was the final suite we created with handmade paper, gold foiled edges and soft grey fonts. I adore the venue drawing details & vintage mirror accent for this amazing flatlay. Not only did this shoot inspire me to create more hand-foiled invites, but it really set the tone for 2021 & all of the creativity to come.

4. Monica & Ethan

photo credit: @Jesscremins

Okay, this invite suite was such a story. I just had to include this in my top 5 because it truly was STUNNING and the color palette was sooo dreamy. Monica & Ethan came to me about a month before their wedding when they had just received news that their wedding venue was shutting down forever. This was especially tragic being so close to their wedding date, but also Monica & Ethan had already commissioned a watercolor version of their wedding venue to be included in their invitation suite, Monica was so sad to waste her beautiful invites, however due to this being the wrong venue- Monica didn't want to be reminded about her dream venue every time she looked back on her invites & photos. This being said, Monica & Ethan hired me to help create a new version of their invite with their new wedding details. Thus leading to the stunning handmade paper, blue accents, song lyrics and gold foiling details in this gorgeous shot! I think this suite is so classic, dreamy & romantic. don't you?

3. Jessie & Tom

photo credit: @AmySimkusPhotography

Jessie & Tom were AMAZING to work with, Jessie is such a sweetie and trusted everything about my design eye. When clients TRUST in my vision, it just makes that vision even more elevated than when I am constricted with my designs or trying to mold myself into someone else's vision.. Jessie wanted Acrylic invites, and we could really bring it on the design elements because they were only inviting about 40 people to their special day. This opened up doors with acrylic invites, watercolor envelopes with calligraphy, Custom gold foiled wax seals & a GORGEOUS flatlay I had the honor of designing as well.-how pretty was this spring color palette.

2. Scott & Craig

photo credit: @SwatchStudios

This suite is #2 on my list because of the classic modern elements were oh-so swoon worthy.

I was honored to work with Scott & Craig on their wedding elements, starting with Save the dates, ending with their wedding day signage, I just couldn't get enough of working with Scott on his vision for his special day. This suite features a custom monogram, linen paper, gold-foiled rsvp cards, black printed info cards, black envelopes & flatlay design by me. This suite has been so popular with my 2022 clients I have booked at least 3 clients from this vibe. Thus elevating shaytionery into a more luxury paper clientele, this suite is Forever in my heart <3

  1. Brittany & Zach

Brittany & Zach had quiet the long process to FINALLY getting to design their wedding invitations. Married in Hawaii in 2020, Brittany & Zach couldn't wait to host their reception in 2021 for their friends & family. We designed an amazing arch wedding invite card to match their boho/ modern twist in the gorgeous event space. This featured rounded edge rsvp/ details cards, arch celebration cards, vellum belly band & dried flower wax seals. I again, had the honor of designing the flat lay. We loved everything about Brittany & Zach's wedding reception day and I am so looking forward to seeing more photos!

Invite Color/ Detail of the year: RUST : Rust made quite the entrance in my wedding day stationery this year. Here are some of my favorite RUST highlights from 2021.

Most Popular Seating Chart Designs: Vintage Mirror with seating chart cards & wax seals:

I sold 10 different version of these seating charts this year! What a design trend, not only is this very customizable with your wedding day accents/ mirror preference, and seal color, but these seating charts make for a really fun design elements to invite guests into your reception space. We love the moody tones from Marcy & Tony's wedding day!

Most Unique of the year: Arch Escort card Air plant seating chart wall!

Brittany & Zach made it into top invites & my favorite seating chart idea this year- They wanted something fun for their guests, and boy did they deliver! This Seating Chart wall features custom blocks rental from Modernly Designs, Arch backdrop from Modernly Designs, Arch escort cards (designed by me) & Airplants for their favor! So cute & fun! It really brought the space to life :)

Fav Place cards/ Table Number of the year:

Okay my heart was sooo happy to make these acrylic flower pressed table numbers for Emily & Jonathan. I also adored their placecards which featured a custom designed wedding monogram wax seal & handmade paper from India- such a pretty day!

Menus: My favorite menus this year, I just couldn't begin to choose!

This year featured so many fun colors, shapes & ideas and I couldn't begin to choose what made me the most excited. Below I am featuring handmade lavender paper menus, arch menus with wax seals, vellum menus with wax seal placecards, and matte black menus for that moody touch!

As you can see, 2021 brought me some really amazing client & new growth in my designs! I am so honored to play the paper roll in my client's wedding day, Bring on 2022 and all of the amazing clients I have yet to meet. So excited to see our next year in growth. <3

Love & Light,


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