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10 Things about Me

Are we a good fit?

Sometimes in business the best clients can grow to be the best of friends. I love to start out all of my consultations getting to know my couples as much as I can. Truly, I've meet some of the most lovely people that have become repeat customers just by getting to know them.

To narrow down the process for you, I've created a very necessary 10 things about me list to see if we are compatible enough for you to book me for you next event.

1. MY TRUE LOVE. My doggo- KOVU. He's my buddy for life and he's 7 years old now. Kovu is a Red Siberian Husky with a flare for fashion, long walks, and lots of extra treats (like pup-a-chinos from Starbucks). I've had Kovu since he was 4 months old and he is my very best friend, I could go on and on about our relationship. But honestly, he has my whole heart and if we meet for coffee i'm sure you'll see his hair all over my attire because husky hairs are the hardest to deal with, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Kovu & I talking on a walk

2. GUILTY PLEASURE. My guilty pleasure are APPLE FRITTERS. Have you ever had an apple fritter? If not- you NEED one in your life because it will be changed forever. There's something so guilty about a yummy honey- lavender latte (with oat milk or almond milk) and a delicious apple fritter from MAMA C'S in Maumee, Ohio. If donuts are your love language then it's already meant to be, you can stop reading now.

Pure joy of a girl with her Apple Fritter

3. TRAVEL. Traveling is something so important to me. I've dreamed of soaking up as much culture around me. New cities give me something I cannot put into words. Paris, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, Amsterdam, Italy....If you've experienced wanderlust, I've been there. Nothing compares to arriving to a new country, music in your headphones, and softly gazing over the land you've only ever dreamed about. Waking up to a new city has to have it's own emotion entirely. Am I right?

The streets of Burano, Italy

4. POETRESS. As I've posted before, I love, love, love, to write poetry. I'm always open to new words that hit my heart, I love meeting new people and letting their stories in. This allows me to see the world through everyone's eyes. As a creator I want to shift perspective, I love finding a new way to open my heart and connect with others, and this is always true. I am still working on my poetry book that some day I hope to publish. I also read a lot of poetry books in my free time, this is my favorite emotional outlet and I promise if you're doing some soul searching this always helps you find and center yourself.

The cover of my poetry book, Deforested.

5. SELF CARE. As a yoga instructor, I live and breathe self-care and self-love. This is the most important thing, YOU are your most important thing in life. I believe you should really treat yourself in the best way possible. You are beautiful just as you are, unique in your own magical way, and so beyond strong. You deserve to love yourself the way you so freely love others- and this starts with those little moments of self-care and love. So hug yourself and whisper I love you, you deserve it.

Taking time to enjoy the little things is the key to life

6. HEALTHY LIVING. You may have noticed in the previous response I mentioned that I teach yoga. I have been a fitness instructor for 6 years (WOW) now and I love to teach anything I can get my hands on. Barre Intensity, Kickboxing, HIIT, YOGA, YOGA & WEIGHTS, SPIN - you name it! I also have a pleasure for health and am an independent consultant for Arbonne. I have been using Arbonne's healthy living program for two years steadily now and I have never felt so strong. I am beyond blessed to watch my fitness and business grow knowing I am strong, using clean, vegan, non toxic products- and that goes for skincare too! I am just so obsessed with health and wellness.

Reversed Warrior 2 Pose

7. NATURE OBSESSED. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me more HYPED than nature. I love flowers, trees, hikes, kayaking, anything that allows me to take in some beautiful scenery. I am that odd girl in the gardens whispering to flowers and welcoming them out from the winter- honestly. I could spend all day hiking around forested areas, running through fields of flowers, or starring at the stars.

My favorite spot of nature, CANNON ROCK BEACH OR

8. ASTROLOGY BABE. For all of those curious, I am a total Aries babe. If Aries rub you the wrong way, you've probably never met me... haha JUST KIDDING. However if you believe certain signs aren't for you, then just note I'm a fire sign and I love to get things done, I am always working and moving and always ready for a challenge. Yes, I love crystals and sage and my yogi ways allow me to appreciate the zen side of astrology too. So, if you love bathing your quartz in the full moon, and using sage to energize your home, then we are perfect for each other.

Astrology Inspired Invite Design

9. PORTLANDIA. AH. my favorite show. ever. created. I love Portlandia, I think this show is so hilarious and unique I could re-watch it for days. Sadly, not a lot of my friends watch this show and therefore aren't able to see how wonderful it is, but if you're looking for a new show to binge watch on Netflix, check it out! It just might surprise you.

10. LOVE. The true reason why I do what I do, is for the Love. I adore watching two people join together in marriage, and it gives me all of the feels when I get to be the smallest part in your special day. It truly is an honor to be creating details for so many couples, I just still can't believe I get to do this for the rest of my life. So thank you, for loving each other, and I hope that one day I can be there to watch you fall in love too. CHEERS.

I hope you found this introduction to me helpful. I am so open to learning about each and every one of my clients and can't wait to meet you.


Shay (Shaytionery)

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