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Let's talk about VELLUM. What is it? Well unlike it's cousin, the acrylic, Vellum is a thin transparent piece that can be cut to overlay or be incorporated into your stationery needs-without adding the extra costs that acrylic does!

Although vellum isn't very thick, like acrylic, it provides a fun transparent element that can really change the whole feel of your design. I love to see vellum on a stationery suite, in the menu design for your wedding decor or even as a envelope, today I'm here to show you just how fun, bold, and elegant vellum can truly be!


Did you know that you can totally add a vellum overlay to your save the date design? I love, love, love, this idea because you can put any design or wording on the vellum overlay and really allows the photo underneath to speak for itself. This is especially great for couples who want something guests can be interactive with, everything is certainly customize-able right down to the brad that holds the two cards together. The perfect way to set the tone for your wedding!


Vellum invitation suites are my favorite! I know I'm probably pretty biased because I designed the suite above, but I truly think that what makes it so unique and beautiful is that added vellum piece which overlays the details card. This is just so special and can really be used in any wedding invitation suite, baby shower invites, or bridal shower invitations. It's so fun to play around with a suite design like this!


Vellum Envelopes may sound a little crazy! But honestly if you have a really bold pattern, why not let it shine from the inside-to outer envelope?! This is a great example of color within the vellum envelope but checkout the design below I dreamt up for our sandy boho style shoot with Bailey Toot Photography! This perfectly shows just how fun and bold transparent can be even if you don't want to incorporate too much color.


Did you know there are tons of colored vellum options too? YES it's true, and I especially love to see colored vellum used in the menu design. How gorgeous is the design above?! If you scroll down you'll see a rounded menu I recently designed in vellum. I just love the simplistic touch vellum adds to the overall design, it really helps lighten up the heavier florals to really make your design feel modern, romantic, and elegant all at once!


Love the vellum menu but also want an escort card option?! I adore this design concept and there are SO many ways to play around with the vellum + escort card menu design idea. If you're looking for something separate yet vellum, checkout the fun design below. Simple and elegant yet again, vellum is always killing it.


Okay all of my rustic lovers, this vellum window is perfect for you! Add some transparency without the glare that acrylic adds for family and friends to find their name easier. This is perfect for any rustic window installations or even could be used to place into frames for a more modern touch. The best part? The photos come out crystal clear compared to acrylic. I'd call this a budget friendly win-win!


One of my favorite table numbers to date is this gorgeous faux flower pressed vellum design I had the pleasure of making for Amy & Jason's wedding day. Vellum is so cool as a table number element, it truly helps the florals to shine because it's light and translucent but also allows guest to find their table easily. You can trust with a table number design like this, guests will be taking tons of their own detail shots too!


Add a special note to your wedding favors! Like the above design concept, I printed onto vellum for my special wedding expo gifts. Not only can you leave a fun note like "let love grow" onto seed packets, but you can also monogram the vellum and make it extra special for your guests favors- this is just another fun way to incorporate vellum while also cutting some stationery costs.


Looking for some more creative ways to incorporate vellum into your wedding day? Well honestly you can add vellum to any signage! This includes but is not limited too your welcome to our wedding sign, bar signage, please sign our guest book, programs and more! Checkout the fun inspo below for an amazing vellum wedding program- talk about fun + functional design!

What do you think? Have you been inspired to try to incorporate some vellum pieces into your wedding day stationery needs? I sure hope so, and if you are, please reach out! I would love to help you find a way to use vellum in the most gorgeous way possible.

Until next time,


Shay (Shaytionery)

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