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10 MODERN BOHO Wedding Trends

Are you into fun patterns, pampas grass, and rattan vibes? Then you're a total BOHO babe, just like me.

I'm a sucker for the new fun BOHO event trends. So much so, that they are sometimes in my dreams. Elite Events and I are working on a fun modern boho wedding for this coming November and we are so excited to share what we are dreaming up.

To stay inspired, I've decided to share 10 of my favorite BOHO trends that are different, unique and fun... just like every wedding or event should be.

So without further ado... 10 modern BOHO event trends.


If you're a BOHO enthusiast like myself, chances are you love the idea of being outdoors. Whether this be ceremony and reception, or just your event location in general, I'm loving the outdoor open tent vibes (weather permitting). Some indoor ideas for the modern BOHO babe include trying to find a venue with some sort of wooden floor or exposed brick to really make it feel BOHO inspired with a modern flare.


My absolute love of floral has me SWOONING over all pampas grass and bold colorful oranges, purples, and pinks. Of course greenery is a must for the modern BOHO babe, we're all plant ladies right?


If you're going BOHO you don't want to miss out on that total bohemian vibe without some gorgeous WOODEN tables. Don't get me wrong, linens are one of our favorite design aspects and can be fun if you like BOHO textures and patterns. However, right now I'm LOVING the wooden natural feel. Chair wise, I say skip it- and go for something unique and fun like mix matched pillows and ottomans- nothing says BOHO like grounding down in your half lotus pose. If you're wanting to go the chair route, might I suggest something VELVET and modern or maybe some fun vintage rattan chairs.


Bohemian arch design is so important to your ceremony, especially if it's outdoors. BOHO babes have the best ARCH designs. Why? Well they can be any shape, pattern, or played up with macrame. I'm just so obsessed with these inspired arches. Can you blame me? Nothing feels more magical and flawless like pampas grass on the beach or some gorgeous macrame backdrops.


Mix and Match Stationery Vibes. Ugh the dream of designing some BOHO stationery is REAL for me. I'm adoring a fun BOHO suite with mixed patterns and textures, custom watercolor handmade paper menu designed to sit upon some rattan table chargers, and anything BOHO seating chart inspired- macrame, rattan. Right now, I'm especially loving mixed rattan floor pieces with table number cards.


Erica from Elite Events and I love to incorporate a fun space for guests to mingle, sip and converse at on top of their pre-arranged table seating for dinner. This means adding additional seating and fun pops of awesome rental furniture throughout your reception or event space. Currently loving more rattan pieces, mixed velvet and BOHO designed rugs, or even add your floor pillow seating here, for a fun twist!


Having a cake is very traditional and can be nice to still have for that cake cutting photo-op. However, more and more couples are moving away from serving everyone cake and instead opting for a sweet bar, donut wall, or for a super exciting twist why not get a fun food truck for gelato or churros- YES PLEASE.

8. BAR

The BOHO BAR scene is really upping their game with some vintage bar trucks, serve yourself beer bars, and new wooden bars that you can rent. I'm love, love, loving- the instant pop that a fun bar adds to an event, I mean the guests are spending most of their time there already, right? Might as well make it worth the view.


The absolute most exciting thing for you to include in any event is somewhere that is "instagramable" If you want friends to be hash-tagging your wedding and posting photos, you have to give them something worth posting. We are loving a chair photo opp, neon signs and of course something a little more BOHO is always, always appreciated- like a vintage Volkswagen with lots of pretty florals.


Last but not least, nothing beats your sweetheart table aesthetic. For any BOHO couple this is your statement piece for the night. Everyone's eyes will be on you, and celebrating your love. You'll want to have something fun for the photographer to capture during your speeches, because chances are these are the moments and photos you will cherish forever. Why not make that photo moment even more meaningful with a GORG sweetheart setup?

So, did I change your wedding theme to modern BOHO yet?! I'm feeling so inspired after writing this post, I'm off to design some new BOHO wedding invites.

Thanks for keeping me inspired, and as always if you're looking to add something like the above to your next event, please reach out to me or Elite Events Design to help you secure rentals for your next modern BOHO event.

Until next time,



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